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Our Vision

We're developing the technology and equipment to become the world's leaders in pharmaceutical ingredient recovery.

Pharmaceuticals enter the environment from all areas of the supply chain, from manufactures to patients. The active ingredients are very stable and often pass though waste treatment facilities intact. 

Manufacturers also create a lot of waste during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Our research has shown that the waste contains valuable ingredients. 

The pharmaceutical industry is the only industry that creates hazardous waste without an established waste recovery plan. We believe that our efficient separation technology changes the unit economics of this old problem and makes the recovery of APIs possible.

We have developed processes to capture and rework these products back into raw materials that can be reused by the pharmaceutical industry. This reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing sector and also stabilises the supply chain of pharmaceutical materials that have been dominated by producers in China and India.


By recovering high value materials we can help protect the environment, supply chains, and help more people get the medication they need.

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