Our Progress

August, 2018

Idea conceived from a Hacking Health Event in St. John's, NL

October, 2018

Team members introduced.

February, 2019

First feedback from industry that our  extraction process is possible. 

March, 2019

First sale! Invoice written for 100mg of atorvastatin for $50.00.

July, 2019

Dr. Hitesh Viedya joins as Co-Founder. Research continues.

September- November, 2019

Contact over 50 pharmaceutical industry representatives. Including one of the worlds largest active ingredient manufactures in India.

April 2020

Full time laboratory researcher hired.

July 2020

Full time research and development analyst hired.

July 2020

Met with Innovative Medicines Canada, an industry organisation of 41 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Canada.

July 2020

Extraction team achieves 99.98% extraction purity from targeted medication.

September 2018

Team enters Genesis Evolution, a startup validation program held by the Genesis Centre.

January, 2019

Proof of concept research begins in advance of laboratory work. 

February, 2019

Team wins First Place in St. John's Hacking Health Hackaton by developing  Artificial Intelligence based pill recognition software. The solution would become the catalyst for medication recycling program.

March 2019

Team wins First Place in Mel Woodward Cup, a pitch competition held by Genesis Centre and Memorial University.

September, 2019

Team members enter Memorial University Entrepreneurship Internship, focus on market validation.

March, 2020

UnBound Chemicals accepted into award winning Genesis Enterprise incubation program.

July 2020

Began recruiting pharmacies for research.

July 2020

Pitched at START2020, a pitch competition for Atlantic Canada bioresource companies.

September, 2020

CancerMed Pilot Project launched with goal of validating lab research, sorting processes and markets.

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