Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Waste Recovery

 In 2019, the worlds top 15 pharmaceutical companies produced 500 million kilograms of waste though manufacturing processes. The waste can be categorised into different sub-categories including: API discharge, unrecoverable solvents, packaging, and non-spec material.

The inefficient use of material costs the industry over $50 billion annually.

The disposal of the waste costs an additional $7 billion.

UnBound Chemicals is developing the technology and equipment to efficiently rework pharmaceutical waste back into reusable raw materials, building blocks, intermediaries and active ingredients.


Take samples of waste from preparation or manufacturing processes.

Analyse and rework 

Use our intellectual property to conduct selectivity testing and targeted decomposition to produce starting material or building blocks.

feasibility analysis

Conduct analysis of market demand for products, potential scale of recovery, and associated costs.

recovery plan

Develop custom on-site recovery solution and assist clients with remarking products.

Regulatory Approval

In late 2020, UnBound Chemicals received approval to submit to the Federal Drug Administrations (FDA) Emerging Technology Program.


The program pairs companies with regulatory experts early in the technology development stage so the technology, if approved, can be more readily adopted by industry. 

The company is currently working with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to develop the data required for submission.

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