Large Scale Recovery


Batch Recovery

Pilot, scale-up, demonstration, validation batches, and non-spec runs contain valuable material. Off-site recovery makes it feasible.

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Saleable Returns

Every year $13 billion worth of near- expired medication is returned to pharmaceutical manufactures and then incinerated. Establishing recovery protocols can enable companies to recover valuable ingredients for reformulation. 

 In 2019, the worlds top 15 pharmaceutical companies produced 500 million kilograms of waste though manufacturing processes. The waste can be categorised into different sub-categories including: API discharge, unrecoverable solvents, packaging, and non-spec material.

The inefficient use of material costs the industry over $50 billion annually.

The disposal of the waste costs an additional $3 billion.

UnBound Chemicals developed the technology, equipment, and protocols to efficiently rework pharmaceutical waste back into reusable raw materials, building blocks, intermediaries and active ingredients.

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