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Cancer Medication Pilot Project

Cancer medications are some of the most valuable medications produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Not only are they expensive to research and manufacture, but they also help save thousands of lives every year.

Every year, thousands of doses of cancer medications will go unused by patients. They could change medications, treatment strategy, be ineffective, or pass away. But that life saving medication can be possibly reused, and we want to make sure it's done. 

On 1st September, 2020, UnBound Chemicals will launch our Cancer Medical Pilot Project (CMP). The objective of CMP is to learn more about unused cancer medications, such as:

  1. Volume of type of unused cancer medications.

  2. Why it was not taken by the patient.

  3. State of medication (age, storage history, etc)

This will also give us an important feedstock of unused and expired medication to analyse and use for tests in our laboratory experiments. 

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