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We began in August 2018 from a Hacking Health event in St. John's, Newfoundland. The problem was straight forward: there are too many drugs being discarded and causing pollution.

We need a better solution.

Our research is developing a process to unlock the valuable ingredients from pharmaceutical waste.

Our Vision

Every year in Canada an estimated 600,000 kgs of unused medication are returned to pharmacies. It's estimated that there's another 600,000 kgs piling up in peoples medicine cabinets. Then there's the medication that expires on pharmacy shelves, gets damaged or recalled, or gets forgotten about.

The result? Nearly 30% of prescription medication goes unused. Much of it will be disposed of by incineration or autoclaving (high temperature steam).

Even though more and more medication is return to pharmacies or pill drops and is destroyed, many people still discard down the toilet or in household trash. Over 100 different types of pharmaceuticals are found in ground water across Canada.

Once medication is prescribed it can't be re-prescribed to new patients. 

We see it differently.

Research has shown that active ingredients in medication can stay useable well beyond the manufactures estimated expiry date. While the medication may not be reliable or usable by patients , the active ingredients may still be able to be used for other purposes, like research or testing production methods. That's why we're working to unlock the value from pharmaceutical waste.

We're developing the process and technology to become the world's leaders in medication ingredient recovery.

We envision our comprehensive pharmaceutical waste recovery program running in every pharmacy, hospital, and clinic around the world. Redirecting high value medication from the incinerator back to those that need it most. 

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